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"Dear Buick Reatta Parts..."

"I'm delighted you twisted my arm to buy the ruby cloth convertible top. I didn't think the color would look good, but it is absolutely stunning, and the top fits like a glove. I get compliments from total strangers every day".
Bill, Skokie, IL

"My insurance adjuster told me they could not find the front body parts I needed, and they were going to total the car. we called your company, and your first question was, "what color do you need?" you not only had the bright red parts (with matching tan pin stripes!) we needed, but one of your trucks brought the parts right to our driveway! my son and I hung the entire front end in about five hours, and you'd never know it had a severe deer hit just three days before. thanks!"

Arnold, Pennsylvania

"Our mechanic told us the entire ABS brake unit was bad, and if he could find one, it would be over $2,000. you talked to our mechanic and walked him thru a thorough troubleshooting of the system. we had it completely repaired for less than $500."
Gina, New Jersey
"You showed up at our house, and in less than an hour, had the trash heap we called an interior in our 1990 convertible looking better than new. you brought perfect replacement door panels and a steering wheel, and those gorgeous new leather seats and center console arm rest. you even took the time to vacuum and shampoo our carpeting and mats. unbelievable."
Mike, Arizona
"You've made an 83 year old lady VERY happy! when my instrument cluster conked out, my dealer here in Broken Arrow told me IF they could find a new cluster (and they doubted it), it would cost over $300 just to install it. you not only had the cluster, but you even helped me install it myself, right in my garage in less than ten minutes, while talking to me on the phone. Thanks!"
Edith, Oklahoma

"I never imagined the optically restored tail lamp assembly would look as good as it does. like you said, it could have come right out of a GM box. I find myself sneaking into the garage at night, just to turn on the lights to look at it."
Jim, Michigan

"The seat belt retractors stopped working on the driver side, and everyone said, "you won't find one anywhere". one call to Buick Reatta Parts, and your first question was, "what color?" I've got you on speed dial!"

Marjorie, Alabama
"My center console armrest in my 1990 Reatta was looking pretty ragged. I gave you folks a call in the off chance you might have one. you told me about the 1991-style armrest with the built in cup holder, and even had the armrest custom reupholstered in leather, instead of the vinyl it came with, its a work of art. you'll be hearing from me again".
Art, Texas
"My wife backed her pride and joy, a blue convertible with 20,000 miles, out of the garage. she caught the outside mirror on the garage opening, breaking both the vent glass and mirror. our insurance adjuster could not find either one, and neither could the glass company. thanks to you, her car was back to perfect two days later. I can't believe you even sent the instructions to the glass company on how to install it".
Mel, Iowa
"After a local upholstery shop told us no one made a replacement convertible top for a Reatta, we gave you a call. thanks for suggesting the gray cloth top for our silver car; it looks so much better than the black vinyl that was there before. it fits on the car like a finely tailored suit. the gray cloth headliner inside looks so much better than the ugly black one that was there before".
Tina, Ohio
"I really don't need to tell you why I've been a ten plus year customer, but I'm going to do it anyway. as the owner of four Reattas, I'm always needing something. I've never had a brake issue before, but when the brakes failed on the convertible, my mechanic told me it was likely the whole brake unit needed to be replaced. you walked him thru the diagnosis on the phone, and just as you suspected, it was only a $15 relay".
Michael, California
"The radio in my 1989 Reatta was making popping noises, and everyone said it needed new speakers. you said the radio module was the culprit, not the speakers. you were exactly right".
Eunice, Georgia
"You know how much it rains here in Honolulu, and we were just sick when some vandals broke our side window. one call to you, and the glass was at our door two days later. thanks!"
Klement, Hawaii
"I never imagined these polished wheels would look as good as they do. I have the sharpest Reatta in El Paso."
Manuel, Texas
"My mechanic scared me to death when the touch screen failed in our 1989 Reatta. he told us we would never find a replacement unit. after you spoke with him over the phone, you determined it was not the touch screen, but the computer that controlled it. two days later, my car was as good as new".
Susan, Illinois
"I cannot thank you enough for the leather package you sold me for my 1988 Reatta. mine was a rare early build car with the suede trim, and every shop here told me I'd never find either the suede or the correct shade of leather. you told me not to worry, and three weeks later my leather package arrived. it was gorgeous! everything matched perfectly. I took the car to a Buick club event, and not only did I win best in my class, the judges called my car a "Keystone car", meaning it was so original that all Reattas should be judged against mine, as it was a perfect example. they thought the interior was original!"
David, Ohio
"When I ordered my headlight kits last week, I didn't mention I owned a plane. I had my aviation mechanic install the parts, and he said "these are aviation quality". its nice to deal with a company so quality-oriented."
Bob, Indiana
"When it came time to sell my late husband's Reatta, I called you for some advice. you were kind enough to not only write the ad for it, but even helped with the sale when I found a buyer."
Beth, California
"My polished bumpers look FANTASTIC! you said they would look just like chrome, and they do. a million thanks...you'll be hearing from us again!"
Chuck, Mississippi
"I could have died when my outside door handle broke last week. I was hoping for just any replacement I could find, but you were kind enough to have the bezel around the handle professionally painted to match my car, at no additional charge."
Tony, New York
"I've had my 1989 Reatta since it was a year old, but it was looking really ratty. you talked to me about doing a 'renewal' on my car, and I couldn't say yes fast enough. I never expected in a million years it would come back so perfect. the new paint and new leather interior look outstanding; I love the 16" chrome Reatta wheels, and the matching painted pin stripe. you even installed a custom hidden jack for my iPod. it looks better than it did when I bought it, and I get so many compliments its almost embarrassing."
Jerry, Washington