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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you sell Reattas?
A: We are primarily in the Reatta PARTS business. we do, however, occasionally get consignment cars in from customers. these are the best of the best: all are one or two owner cars, with zero rust, and low miles. anything they need, down to the smallest detail, is addressed before the are placed for sale. please contact us for current inventory; these are exceptional examples and priced accordingly.
Q: I'm going to be in Arizona next month. can I stop by?
A: No. the way our LLC is set up with Arizona does not allow us to have visitors here. we are an internet company, not a brick and mortar business, and we do not charge sales tax. the state has tried to sting us 12 times, so please don't ask. if you are going to be in the Phoenix or Tucson area and want to pick up some parts, just give us a call. we'll be glad to deliver the parts to your location at no additional charge. if we're not busy, we'll even take you to lunch!
Q: What types of payment do you accept?
A: We accept checks, and credit cards thru PayPal. we do not take credit card numbers over the phone, for security reasons. we send a PayPal invoice to your email address, and just pay with your credit card from there. you do not need to be a PayPal member to use PayPal.
Q: Where do your cars come from?
A: The Reattas we have available for parts now come exclusively from western states. we do not buy wrecks, salvage auction cars, or rust buckets.
Q: Do you offer warranties on electrical parts?
A: We sure do. depending on the item, every electrical part comes with a one or two year warranty.
Q: Do you charge a core charge on parts? How much is it?
A: We never play the core charge game, and the only thing we request back are your old hub caps if you buy a polished wheel package, and only after you receive your new wheels.
Q: How do you ship your parts? how long does it take?
A: The vast majority of our parts are shipped via USPS Priority Mail, and most arrive within 2-4 days. if you order large parts like bumpers, fenders, hoods, or windshields, they will go to a custom freight forwarder for packaging and/or crating, and will be shipped by truck. all freight forwarder shipments are fully insured. orders thru the freight forwarder can take up to two weeks, depending on how busy they are.
Q: What are your hours?
A: For our customer's convenience, we do not have "regular" hours. have a question? call or email us anytime. Sunday? no problem! we have hundreds of customer abroad, and thousands here in the US and Canada. we never want you to worry about what time to call.
Q: How long do leather packages and convertible tops take to receive?
A: Both the tops and leather packages are custom made to order. average time from order to delivery is right around three to four weeks for both. convertible tops are shipped driectly to you from the manufacturer to save time. leather packages are made locally here in Arizona, and we ship those to you from here. if there is a backorder on a top fabric or a leather color, we'll let you know.
Q: Why can't I buy parts directly on your website?
A: We much prefer to communicate with you before you buy something, either by email or phone. over 50% of the time, the part someone is asking for is not what you need. we'd rather get you the correct part the first time.
Q: Why don't you have an online catalog?
A: We stock over 30,000 Reatta parts, and keeping the catalog current would require someone doing updates eight hours a day. give us a call or email us with any needs you have; we'll have the items in stock about 98% of the time.
Q: Should I send the part number when I need something?
A: No; we really prefer to not receive part numbers. in many cases, part numbers have been superseded 10-20 times. you and I may be holding exactly the same part in your hands, and the part numbers will be different. when you email or call, do your best to describe what you think you need. we'll take it from there.