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About Buick Reatta Parts

Buick Reatta Parts began on March 4, 2001, with a belief there was a market for parts exclusively for Buick Reattas. We began with a website, and our advertisement that broke in Hemmings Motor News on the same day.

By the end of that first day, we had a whopping six customers! Today, that customer number has grown to over 6,000, still one at a time. Of that 6,000, almost 2,000 are dealers and shops. We even have General Motors as a customer, as there are quite a few Reattas in the private GM collection.

We feel our overriding mission is to solve your car's problems immediately, and the first time. Let our 14+ years' experience exclusively with Reattas work for you! We don't believe in just "hanging parts" to look for a problem; our extensive experience with Reattas will help to track down the most elusive of issues. If your Reatta is at a service facility, we'll be glad to talk directly to the service manager or technician.

Here is what we will NEVER do: "Scaring" you into buying something, or selling you parts you do not need.

So if you're having a problem with your Reatta, or just have a Reatta question, please feel free send us an email, or give us a call anytime. We've never heard a stupid question, so even if you're not sure what to call something, just give it your best. Without a doubt, our Reatta specialists will know exactly what you are talking about. We don't keep "regular hours", so contact us whenever you have a need or question.