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Convertible Tops

Our tops fit like a glove, and are custom made to our specification. we made three very important changes to the tops:

1) They are cut an inch longer over the side windows. say goodbye to wind and water leaks, and those unsightly gaskets over the side windows will disappear.

Tail Lights - Buick Reatta
2) The rear window is secured to the top with two rows of matching stitching, as well as a rubber gasket to prevent any leaks. as many of you know, the rear windows tend to delaminate from the tops as they age, and our improvements prevent this from occurring.

3) Our tops are cut 2" longer in the back, where the tops touch the tonneau cover. this eliminates the "flood pants" look of a shrunken top in the rear, and helps to contribute to that tailored appearance.

Tops are available in both vinyl and Haartz cloth. for those concerned with originality, cloth tops were actually available when your Reatta was new. We strongly recommend the Haartz cloth over the vinyl for richness and appearance, and our tops available in over 40 colors. both Haartz cloth and vinyl tops include a heated glass window, and shipping is included within the US. Tops are shipped directly from the manufacturer to you. normal order-to-delivery time is 3-4 weeks as each top is custom made to order.

Vinyl: $789
Haartz cloth: $989

Custom Convertible Headliners

We now offer custom color-keyed headliner material, available for every Reatta convertible interior color. Reattas were originally designed to have a color-keyed headliner, but due to the fact GM lost about $4,000 on every convertible they built, this feature was eliminated as a cost cutting measure. The color keyed headliner totally eliminates the cave-like appearance inside, and gives the interior a totally finished and elegant look.

For the ultimate indulgence, we also have custom alcantara ultrasuede headliners available. This is the same material used in Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Maserati, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW automobiles as a very expensive option. We have this available in every Reatta interior color, including slate gray. Garnet red (burgundy), saddle, sapphire blue, flame red, and white.

You will be receiving the correct yardage to completely replace your present headliner. The upholstery shop that is installing your new top will use your old headliner as a pattern.

Cloth Headliner: $175

Alcantara Ultrasuede Headliner: $250

Contact us today to secure the auto parts or custom convertible tops your Reatta needs at prices you'll love.